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Sigappu Vendaikai Vathal (Red dried okra)

This video is shot at the outdoor with lot of struggles. I have showed live demonstration from plucking of okra to processing and frying. It gives the audience unique experience as it is not done in boring indoor kitchen. Watch it enjoy it!

Appam Kadala Curry Recipe

This Appam Kadala Curry recipe video is not filmed in the kitchen. It was prepared in the lovely atmosphere of a village, Kundadam, Tirupur district. This 6+ minutes tamil video with editors cut at the end which would really make you laugh.


Red Rice Puttu with banana-easy steps-at outdoor (Cauvery River Bank)

About the location: This video filmed in Near Nattu vaikkal where Cauvery river splits into 2 for irrigation. This is first kind of a video that is filmed in this location. It is lovely, peaceful and risky too. Approximately 40 to 50 feet is the depth and the water force is high. Do not bath here.


Samai Arisi Sakkarai pongal - an authentic preparation

Traditionally prepared on the occasion of Pongal festival in front of the home. This recipe is prepared using Samai (Samak rice) arisi. Tamil audio with English subtitles


Traditional Tamilnadu Adhirasam – Simple steps

Adhirasam is Traditional Tamilnadu sweet which will be prepared during holidays, festivals and marriages. We can preserve the sweet for a longer time (Up to Two weeks). Everyone knows Adhirasam’s ingredients- rice flour and Jaggery. But the preparation is too complicated. You need to have in detail attention and patience. I tried to simplify the method. When I tried for the first time, the shape and taste did not come out well as I expected. Try, try till you succeed.


Instant Crispy Rava Dosa & Getti Chutney

Have you ever tried Crispy Rava Dosa at home? If not watch this simple video and become Rava Dosa Expert in 5 minutes. Thick coconut chutney goes well with Rava dosa. For better result here are some tips. 1. Use thick, flat and heavy iron Dosa pan 2. Prepare this at high flame. One more variant you can try by replacing rice flour with corn flour and aida with atta flour.


Ragi Kolukattai [Finger millet sweet dumpling]

Ragi is a buzz word among the food lovers. But what form of Ragi is sooo tasty?. Mude or Tamilnadu style Kali, ragi Dosa, Ragi ildi, Ragi Semia…No.. none of the above. Then what it would be?
Jaggery & Ragi is best pair. They taste so yummy when they blend. Obviously grated coconut will add extra taste and cardamom brings aroma. All ingredients make called Ragi Kolukattai (Dumpling) is king of breakfast next to Idli. It tastes so great. Your Kids would like this. Try this out as snacks or breakfast


Temple style Puliyodharai / Puliyogare/Tamarind rice

Many of us would have bored of eating readymade Puliyogare. Here is the authentic tamilnadu style preparation that gives you divine taste. That treats your taste buds. The process seems bit long but very easy to do it. Close up shots of the preparation and detailed description will make your job very easy.


Siru Keerai Kadayal / Tropical amaranth Curry / Sirukeerai Masiyal

Plucked & Prepared in form. Clear demonstration in Tamil with English subtitle. Wooden stick, mud utensils are used in village style. Watch & enjoy


Homemade instant fresh Paneer from half litre milk-Only in 5 min

This one minute quick video demonstrates how to make Paneer instantly at home. Simple process. 1.Boil milk 2. Squeeze lemon and 3. Drain thats it!