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Rice is the staple food for the people of South India. Consumption of wheat is less compared to North India. Most of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of this region have a generous use of coconuts, pepper, mustard seed and other spices. Generally South Indian dishes are spicy. It has brilliant blend of flavors, bright colors, smell, and taste. So, south Indian foods are enerally tasty, spicy and colorful. Moreover south Indian food is known for its medicinal value.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Predesh and Kerala are the four states that constitute South India. South India is hot and humid. South Indians are generally vegetarian. Andhra cuisine from Andhra Predesh is too spicy. They use more chilli and pepper. Chettinad cuisine from Tamil Nadu is rich and flavorful taste. Coconut, banana are main ingredients of Kerala food.

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Video Recipe - Temple Style Puliyodharai

Published on 31/03/15

Wan to treat your taste buds with divine taste? Go for this puliyodharai (Tamarind rice). It’s prepared traditionally. Watch this 12 minutes tamarind rice video in tamil with English sub-title. Sooo tasty….

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Video Recipe - Ragi kozhukattai

Ragi kozhukattai

Published on 29/12/14

Generally we make Kozhukattai occasionally, that too on the Vinayakar Chaturthi. But Ragi Kolukattai, is something new, tasty and healthy too. It is easy to prepare. It can be a breakfast, quick snacks for your kids.

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Video Recipe - Crispy rava dosa

Crispy rava dosa

Published on 28/12/14

Are you too much bored with readymade items? And really you want to give a try to something on your own? Here is the Rava Dosa recipe which is all-time favorite for everyone. It is instant, quick and tasty.

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Video Recipe - Red rice puttu

Red rice puttu

Published on 10/11/14

In my cooking video series, I choose nice outdoor.This video is shot on the edge of the Srirangam Nattuvaikkal where the Cauvery River splits into two. I equally enjoyed the taste of Red Rice puttu and the atmosphere.

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Video Recipe - Adhirasam with 4 years old boy cute voice


Published on 15/11/14

Have bored of listening to my voice on my cooking video series? For a change this Adhirasam video is dubbed with 4 years old boy cute voice. For those who don’t understand his slang the transcript is scrolling on the video.

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Video Recipe - Appam Kadala Curry

Appam Kadala Curry

Published on 23/11/13

When I had a plan to share my first video recipe I wanted to show something unique and different. So I used mud stove with wooden stick, casting-iron appam pan & mud utensils etc., Enjoy the Appam Kadala Curry...

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